AdTech Operations

Ad Operations is where the rubber meets the road for any company that deals into Digital Advertising. No matter how good the content of your website  no matter how great the revenue opportunity is, no matter what the campaign deal is—there will be no profit until Ad Ops moves the ball over the line. It’s not only rolling the ball over the line, but faster turnaround time, smart and efficient implementations will always yield better results. Know how is key and knowledge is King.

Is getting better day by day. This industry has become so technical that you have to have Ad Ops in the hierarchy to execute the campaigns, optimize, troubleshoot and suggest what has to be done in order to meet the revenue goals.
Complexity: Every time you think you have the right technology and right people, there is something new. This makes Ad Ops tasks more strategic endeavour. Data Segment Analysis, Audience targeting, programmatic buying – selling add to the wide array of responsibilities making the job more complex.

Help your  Sales teams  achieve their sales goals, provide no excuses. On the Ops side – you might have the right technology but do you have the right people, right ‘can do’ attitude? Ad ops execution needs to be both tactical and strategic simultaneously  to ensure your campaigns are delivered  as expected.

Ad Ops candidates are highly employable. They are rare and have constant demand from employers. Insufficient staffing leads to overworking your employees. Obligatory stay back to execute an urgent campaign that came in at the end of the day can increase the stress level. Pushing your ad ops on a daily basis is like pushing them out of your door into the arms of your competitors. Retaining your best players will increase the cost with no guarantee that the person will stay longer.

It can be tempting to hire freshers or less experienced staff as its logical to bring in new talent, train them. However to scale this model, you need to have your experienced staff to use their bandwidth and train the new comers. This eventually will hinder the campaign on-boarding process.

If inexperienced staffs execute a campaign incorrectly, your best players need to investigate and sort out. This again is time consuming and will result in loss of revenue.

Working Hours-
Is your in-house team willing to work after office hours to execute a campaign received at the end of the day? Will they be happy doing this constantly?
Are you expecting your team to work on weekends or holidays or during festivals?
Do you have enough resources to take care of additional burden due to attrition?
Do you have a team that works 24×7 on 365 days?